How to compress Huge Size Files into Small Size

Big files big problems, because when saving them on the computer, Harddisk takes up space and cannot be sent with the email, compressing them is the best way to deal with this problem. This allows large files to be compressed to a small size. It can also be easily transferred.

If you want to compress big data into small sizes, then we have a tool for you. With this, you can compress large files to small sizes. Its name is WINRAR, so let’s find out.

WinRAR is a small and useful software, with which you can compress large computer files, as well as do password protection.

How to compress Huge Size Files into Small Size

How to compress Huge Size Files into Small?

Right-click on the file or folder you want to compress, and select Add to file. Doing this will open a window in front of you, this window has many options related to Compress.

Here, in Compression Method, if you choose the Better mode instead of the normal mode, then your file will be more compressed, i.e. it will be very small in size and if you select only Store it will be changed to Zip only.

To grant password protection Password security to a file or folder, when you add to File, then click set password in open window and enter password, when applying password, check Encrypt file names, what will happen if that Nobody You will be able to see what is inside your RAR without entering the password. If you have not checked Encrypt file names, the file will not open, but you can detect or see which file you have compressed.

How to Open a Compressed File?

Right-click the compressed file and click Extract Here or Extract to File Name / both have different functions, if you click Extract Here all files within the compressed file will be extracted right there. , And if you click Extract to filename / (Here FileName means the name of your compressed file), all your files will be extracted into a folder.

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